Lets Not Forget the Beer

by Inapub
"The question always gets asked "so what makes your beers so special?"
The beer market is dynamic and continually changing

Whenever consumers are asked what is important about a good pub or a bar  ….. “Their Beer” is always near the top of the list if not at the top. Its easy to forget this given everything that goes on at your venue. However it's clear that beer still provides many opportunities to drive footfall for you.

The beer market is dynamic and continually changing. We see significant innovation in the low and no segment as brewers respond to consumer trends and the developments in beer duty levies. Recent years have also seen new world beers introduced in the UK but interestingly it’s the cask segment of the market that continues to evolve and innovate and lead the way for the category.

Often considered as a traditional offer focused on the older generation cask or real ale brewers are working hard to change that perception. Beer quality continues to be a focus for brewers such as TIMOTHY TAYLOR. The question always gets asked "so what makes your beers so special?" Tim Dewey, our Chief Executive, puts it down to seven key things that we always do, that make our beers unique. It is not that these processes are exclusive to us, but to do all seven is. One of these seven keys things that make their beers so special is quality.

CASK MARQUE have also recently announced that pubs that achieve a 4*/5* rating on their star rating system for cellars will be allowed to display the window sticker at the pub. They also announced all star ratings will appear on the CaskFinder app which is used 60,000 times a month to find Cask Marque pubs.

Paul Nunny, founder of Cask Marque commented “The industry has really embraced the idea of cellar inspections as a method of improving and communicating quality standards.  The visit by one of our expert assessors is equivalent to a training session on best practice in the cellar.  Great cellar management improves yields and quality and thus pub profitability.  Consumer research shows that 76% of cask ale drinkers would choose a pub based on its star rating.  People are accustomed to seeing food hygiene ratings and will relate to the cellar star rating sticker as a sign of excellence in the handling and dispensing of beers in the outlet.”

CASK MARQUE also provide a unique opportunity for pubs to promote their beer lists on their app. The lists can be managed by bar staff and update real time so customers can find out what beers you have available on your bar. There is also an option to include the beer list on your website.