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Summer equals cider

by Inapub
"The cider market is now being shaped by a fundamental shift in most people’s lifestyles"
Cider consumption is changing

Cider consumption is changing. And so are the way and the times that customers use the pub. In the SUMMER edition of the Inapub magazine we take a look at what’s happening in the cider market. Last year – the first with no pandemic related restrictions on trade sales accounted for 63 per cent of the cider category’s value, totalling £1.86bn in sales and surpassing the off-trade for the first time since 2019. “We believe that cider should be given as much thought as your lead lager,” says James Palmer, head of on-trade for Thatchers Cider. Joe Dunnett, Kopparberg on-trade activation manager agrees: “Draught is an important volume generator for outlets, with 54 per cent of consumers preferring to buy draught cider over packaged.” Beyond the mainstream, the cider market is moving into nuanced and interesting new directions. A growing but fragmented segment of smaller craft producers are experimenting with everything from “pet nat” (naturally sparkling) ciders, to those made from almost extinct apple varietals. Check out the Cider feature in the SUMMER edition to find out more.