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Where are consumers planning to spend their £ this year

by Inapub
"The sun is finally out and it's time for the big question"
We spoke to 500 UK adults to find out more

Last week, KAM media spoke to 500 UK adults and discovered that -

  • 63% of them will definitely visit a restaurant over the Summer - down 16%points vs last summer
  • 52% will definitely visit a pub (36% maybe) - A LOT more maybes vs definites compared with last summer
  • Unsurprisingly, younger customers are still out in force

Overall we're seeing a higher proportion of people saying 'maybe' vs this time last year suggesting people are less clear about what lies ahead this summer. The 'cautious consumer' is here to stay - for now.

The customers are out there - and we know that there is available income for hospitality but, in the current climate, we need to fight harder than ever for their custom.